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Lidia Vasilyeva

Has started the translation business in 2007 by helping her friends who worked in a publishing house and frequently needed bulk translations with short turnaround times.

In 2011, the first office in Prague was opened. In 2022, the company has established an affiliate in Dubai, UAE. This move enabled HQ group to better serve its Asian clientele and helped local companies with their international expansion. HQ Interlingo leverages the European business routines and quality standards that are in place and consistently upheld across all business units within the group. Lidia is the Managing Director and holds Master’s degree in Linguistics.

Sergei Vasilyeu

Joined the company after working for 10 years in banking sphere, where he was focusing on international relations and transactions settlements. In 2016, he left all posts in order to join Lidia in building a prominent group of companies within translation business.

Currently holding a position of a COO withing HQ Interlingo group, Sergei is responsible for implementation of best and efficient business practices, tweaking each and every process to the benefit of our corporate clientele. Sergei holds a Master’s degree in International Management.

HQ Group

The Group has further expanded recently, and in 2023 started business in Calgary, Canada. Building a sales and production hub in North America is in line with the corporate strategy of being local and within reach on all key markets.