Why us?

Here are eight good reasons why it is smart to trust your translation projects to HQ Interlingo Solutions:

1. HQ Interlingo Solutions is a registered private company that values its reputation in the industry – so you can be sure of the quality of your translations and the originally agreed delivery terms.

2. Professional selection of project team (PM, translators, proofreaders, editors) for each job, considering target language, industry terminology, deadlines and other client requirements.

3. As an integral part of the translation process, we create and maintain extensive translation memory and glossary databases for each major client/large-volume assignment, ensuring consistency of terminology and style across all translated files and assignments in the same domain.

4. Mandatory final proofreading of translations by a proofreader and layout review by an editor – things we do before delivering files to our clients, allowing us to consistently guarantee the high quality of the files and content we deliver.

5. Each client is assigned a personal project manager, an universal ‘go to’ person who is available at all times for your requests, questions and concerns.

6. Your project manager will professionally supervise the whole translation workflow process, internally and externally, and will report to you.

7. State-of-art translation and QA software, commercial MT and AI localization engines are leveraged to reduce clients’ expenses and turnaround times of theit projects.

8. With 3 global locations – in Dubai, Prague and Calgary – our teams are within reach literally around the clock and around the globe.